IHGF Spring Fair

Delhi fair

IHGF Delhi Fair (Spring) 2018

IHGF Spring Fair is one of Asia’s largest gifts and handicrafts exhibition, held every two years and is organized by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH).

Delhi fair
IHGF spring fair

EPCH, India’s largest export promotion organization with 10,000 exporters engaged in trade, promoting exports from India, handicrafts. The 2018 IHGF Spring Fair exhibition is a symbol of the Indian handicraft industry’s growth for more than 24 years.

The most important distribution platform and the differences in the Asia-Pacific region (IHGF Spring Fair 2018, Delhi) is now getting bigger and bigger, and bring you more – more space, more exhibitors, more offers carefully reconsider and exhibition fairs IHGF New Delhi Spring 2018, certain types of products has increased between Shows.

The show will attract variant guests also as exhibitors to participate and direct discussion with one another on the foremost recent market innovations and remunerative business opportunities within the individual field.

The five-day event, with more than 2,900 exhibitors, spread over 1.97 thousand Kc. Meter offers a homemade and fashionable lifestyle with the finishing of traditional art in harmony with modern and contemporary design. IHGF Delhi Exhibition is the 2018 Autumn Festival, specifically for business import, wholesale, retail, retailers, potential business entities, mail ordering companies, and some that offer unmatched breeding of handmade gifts and products as a way of life. Made by hand from India.

fair over view

IHGF Delhi Fair Increases its Presence in Global Markets Providing Great Opportunities to Supplement International Buyers IHGF Spring Fair Agents 2018 Summer Exhibition Delhi has already become a “one-day event” since its establishment in 1994, while ensuring a small and medium-sized export business platform. The features of a successful business event are its ability to bring a platform in the market and people in an efficient and professional manner. The IHGF Spring Fair – EPCH organizer tries to improve the performance with successive sequels and the 2018 IHGF Melbourne Youth Festival. This exhibition is a bold step in that direction.

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