How to find your ideal supplier for import?


Find your ideal supplier

Wondering how to find ideal supplier? Finding supplier for import. Buying goods from different country is not an easy thing. There are so many options available for buyer to initiate trade some of them are buying agencies & direct suppliers. Buying agencies are beneficial as they keep a check on suppliers on your behalf and makes you feel safe.

They are trustworthy. But some of the agencies are biased. They don’t provide supplier with their full potential according to your need. As they are middleman so they are little expensive. Direct suppliers provide us goods without any middleman. Many buyers believe to work through direct suppliers. As they are willing to take chance. Sometimes Direct suppliers delay your shipments and sometimes there is issue in quality but you can prevent that by hiring quality controller. There are so many factors which one should consider before buying anything across the country. Some of them are.

  • Start with little

    – When you gave first order to your supplier always start with little so that you can check the quality of the products provide by him.

  • Sample

    – Always keep a sign counter sample with you. So that at time of delivery you can match sample.

  • Stick to Quality

    – Don’t spoil your reputation in the market just because of few bucks. Try to get the best quality at reasonable price.

  • Correspondence

    – Try to stick to a supplier who is punctual and gave respond in time.

  • Understanding

    – A buyer and a supplier should agree on the terms and conditions before the production.

  • Trade fairs

    – Try to attend as many trade fairs as possible you will get to know about the latest trends and you will meet new supplier and agencies.

  • Promotional tools

    – Use business promotional tools like Alibaba to find buyer according product category you are interested.

  • Product on demand

    – Try to give your ideas to your supplier so that they can customize design according to your need. And try to stick with the supplier who thinks in innovative ways.

There many more factors which can help to find your ideal supplier.

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