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everything about epch

The Council for Promotion of Handicrafts is established within the framework of this government. Of India in 1986-87 and a non-profit organization. EPCH is a leading organization of trade, industry and government sponsored by the Government of India’s Textile Ministry for Promoting Handicrafts from India and India’s Outbound Plans, a reliable supplier of high quality goods and services and delivering various measures to comply with international standards and certifications. The council has created necessary infrastructure, as well as markets and businesses that benefit both export and import.

How has the role of consultations to boost exports over these years have evolved by EPCH?

To promote exports of handicraft products councils (EPCH) was established in 1986-87. The composition of EPCH is 35 artisans and exports of 3.87 billion later. During its launch, the main goal for EPCH to develop this understanding is Indian Manufacturers and Exporters to Global Market Potentials to train them in the rules and procedures and documents to enthuse the export, promotion and specialty of handicrafts in the global marketplace. With a dynamic, persuasive, consistent and positive approach to the management of EPCH, the export of handicrafts has begun to grow steadily and the number of entrepreneurs and handicrafts begins to be gradually becoming a regular exporter. To make global competitiveness, Indian knives have allowed India to acquire a large portion of the EPCH market, develop a policy for integrated product innovation, development, adaptation, modernization of technology, design, packaging and presentation of aggressive publicity in the global market? Both general and specific products and broad marketing strategies.

Market Strategies That Include Direct and Indirect Support Through Participation in the World’s Leading Trade Show, Buyers Get Organized, Sponsor Trade Delegates, Programs to Promote Communication, Open Exhibitions & Warehouses, and Appoint Relationship Agencies To Promote Foreign Buying Community And So on. One of the major steps taken by EPCH is to create an Indian Expo and Handicrafts twice a year. The exhibition, which started in 1994, with 313 exhibitors and 500 foreign buyers and Brazil’s overwhelming display, logging, gifts, souvenirs and decorative materials, has expanded to a larger exhibition of artisans for Indian art, with more than 2,000 exhibitors, 8500 buyers, 800 product design lines and basic material spread over 80,000 sp. mt of the region. M. IHGF already “an event for a single distribution” overseas purchase “the most effective marketing environment” for the Indian Exporting community. There are now more than 7,000 members of EPCH, and in the past year, the overall exports exceeded Rs145bn in 2005-06. There will be more during 2006-2007.

Realizing the need for a competitive range of products for export EPCH already attracted international designers in favour of India’s manufacturing and export companies and the establishment of the Centre for the development of design in New Delhi, which has branches in the munitions manufacturing centre infrastructure for the production and finishing of the product in the production of cluster Centre for improving technology.

EPCH plays a very important role as a catalyst between exporters, buyers overseas and a government agency. With SPV support, the government has called India Exhibition March, Ltd. Established on a model of public-private partnerships to build the Indian and Maritime Exhibition Center in Greater Noida for 1,800 exhibit rooms, eight conference rooms, banquets, warehouses and transport centers. Etc. The purpose of this infrastructure is to allow foreign buyers to meet your needs from India throughout the year at one and the same time from across India. India Expo Center, thanks to the fact that it is in Greater Noida, allows foreign buyers to fly from east to west or west to east to stop Delhi and to visit 1,800 exhibitions opened by exporters from across India to view Indian product scopes, discussions and trade negotiations.

Indian handicrafts, known as souvenirs and initial gifts, now represent a well-known and important location in the category of local products and jewellery, a product of India is worth not only the decorative value.

Time period of EPCH Exhibition?

View in IHGF

Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Exhibition organized by EPCH twice a year, spring and autumn. This exhibition is recognized as “an hourly collection of events”? Of the international buying community and the “most efficient market environment”? Of exporters in India. The exhibition, which was established in 1994 with 313 participants, covers an area of ​​5000 square meters. Em currently expanding to increase the size of more than 80,000 square meters with 2,000 and 8,000 exhibitors from around the world. Over 800 product and design products have been exhibited regularly at the exhibition. Participants in this exhibition come from all over India.

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